Task management

Team structure

A team using gos must have a project manager, QA manager and software solution team. The roles are explained in depth below.

Project manager

The project manager is a key player in any gos project. They must have a full knowledge of this framework and Go. Project managers are responsible for delegating the tasks, and writing the Go code bridging the internet and the software solution team’s code.

I highly recommend that managers use a form of distributed task management, such as trello.

QA manager

The QA manager is responsible for writing tests for the project’s code. They should have experience with Go and understand a gos project’s layout.

Software solution team

The software solution team is responsible for adding functionality to the project. They should not edit go source generated by gos. Generated packages can/should be extended by adding new Go source files to package. The software solution team does not need any knowledge of how to use this framework. They are required to have experience with Go and understand the functionality of each generated package. The software solution team must understand this framework, if they are delegated with the task of writing templates.

Here is a visual representation of gos task flow.