How to test

Handlers can be tested with gos sub-level package onyx. onyx provides functions to create new HTTP requests as well as execute a handler and determine test result.

Avoid direct handler tests

gos generates two versions of your HTTP handler functions, one for development and one for production. To ensure your tests never break, use your handlers’ package function MakeHandler to keep your tests from breaking.

Sample test

Below is source code using onyx to test an HTTP handler. Notice how MakeHandler is the handler, while the test name is different.

package handlers

import "testing"

import "github.com/cheikhshift/gos/onyx"

// Camel case version of method + request path,
// without slashes,
// prefixed with `Test`
func TestGETIndex(t *testing.T) {
	// Load all handlers.
	h := MakeHandler(Handler)

	// New request to GET /index
	req,err := onyx.NewRequest("GET", "/index")

	if err != nil {

	// execute, fail test if code
	// is not 200.
	onyx.Handle(req, h, t)