HTTP 1.1 services

HTTP 1.1 handlers are declared in GXML with tag <end/>.


End tags are placed at the root of your <endpoints/> tag.

GXML attributes :

GXML content :

Defines Go code to be ran on handler execution.


To comment an HTTP handler use XML style comments. The comments must be in your tag’s GXML content. For example :

 <!-- Comment -->
Scope of code

You may use other Go packages without explicitly importing them. This is due to the fact that gos uses a command to add missing imports to generated source code.

These variables are available to your code :

Debug variables

These variables are only available on debug :


These functions are available to your code :

Sample tag for root of web server :

	<end path="/" id="foo" type="GET" >
		<!-- Handler comment -->
  		response = "Hi"

Exported to package:
Exports to files :
Writes tests to :