Gopher Sauce markup language, a.k.a GXML, is a derivative of XML. It is a hybrid configuration and programming markup language. Reading this document requires some knowledge of XML (or HTML) to use abstractions.

Templating engine

gos uses Go package html/template to render your templates. Read more about the package here.

Definitions of terms used in this section :

One per directory

Keep one gxml file per directory.

Root tags

The section covers GXML tags located at the root of tag <gos />


Sample GXML file

Here is a sample GXML file :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<!-- xml docs : http://golangserver.com/docs/gxml-abstractions -->

	<domain></domain><!-- Cookie domain -->
	//psss go code here : func main()
	<key>a very very very very secret key</key>