This section covers how to extend template functionality with pipelines ( methods ) .

Attributes of template tag :

name - Specifies the name of the function. Please keep in mind, that usage of this function within your package requires `Net` prepended to the declared name.
If you desire to write methods for strict usage outside of template files, I recommend creating another Go file within your project directory with package name main.

return - The return type of the function. Ie: string or a custom interface `DemoGos` 

var - This is a comma delimited string of the function parameters. Say we need a function that has two parameters: param1 of type string and param 2 of type string. It will be declared as `param1 string,param2 string`.

**InnerXml - This contains your Go statements.

Test case : The example below will declare a function that sends emails and returns a bool.

            <func name="sendEmail" var="to string,from string" return="bool">
                fmt.Println("Send Email " ,to  , from)
                return true

Generated package function :

func NetsendEmail(to string, from string) bool

Use the following snippet within any .tmpl file to send an email.

{{ if sendEmail "to" "from" }}

    Email sent!


    Email error.