GopherSauce SDK.

GopherSauce software development kit (SDK) provides access to GXML compiling and deployment.
GXML offers a web application framework, a memory safe template engine, all-in-one configuration files and numerous other features.

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GXML framework.

Build resilient web applications. GXML offers a simple approach to write a web application.

Learn GXML Use cases.

Monolith on export.

GopherSauce packages your web application into one binary.

Deployment solutions.


GopherSauce offers a suite of tools to test your web application.

Perform tests.

Low heap.

The GopherSauce philosophy puts a strong emphasis on the scarcity of memory.

Learn more.

Deployment solutions.

GopherSauce SDK offers deployment options to the following targets :


GopherSauce compiler will generate a docker file in your project's directory.

Build Docker image.


kubeconfig will generate a deployment file of your project.

Get kubeconfig.


Break your Monolith down to dust. Export your web services as serverless functions.

Deploy to OpenFaaS

Instrumentation suite.

Generate test files.

GopherSauce offers 2 options to generating tests of your source code :

- You can test GXML with built-in test console.

- You can generate test files of your go source with go-test.

Test console. Download go-test

Measure performance.

During development GopherSauce will launch your web application with Appdash (a tracing system). This instance will be accessible on port 8700

Run a project.

Low heap, high performance.

Template caching.

GopherSauce reduces template render time by caching the minimum parameters required to execute a template.

Write a template.

Ensured garbage collection.

GopherSauce dynamic pages release allocations after each request. This ensures garbage collection of unused resources.

Build dynamic page.